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2022.02.22 | 10:46

How many days to receive Sportident SIAC SI-Card?

If you are doing nature sports like orienteering, for the competitions you may need a SIAC / SI-Card. And unfortunately you may buy this device from sportident company based in Germany.

So that's what I did, tried to buy the device online from the company's website. There is no option to buy and there is no way to see the price of the devices.

I was able to contact the support team and get information about the prices and shipping. So I sent an email to support-team of sportident. A couple of days later when I had not received the reply yet, I thought the support email was not working too. Then after 8 days support-team replied to my mail and informed me about the prices.

Now I know the prices, so since there is no option to make the payment online, I reserved the SIAC number to buy the card. And now it is the 7th day, nobody contacted me yet to inform me about the payment and shipping.

Couple of weeks later, there are competitions in Turkey. And we have to use an SI-card or SIAC. And guess what, I don't have it yet and I don't know if I can find it on time.

Honestly, Sportident is one of the worst companies I have ever seen.

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