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Trying to build a complex system on AWS, and guess what.. because of the poor documentation I'm getting stuck in every five mins. There are hundreds of sources out there and all of them are trash. :S

2021-09-10 23:22:18


AWS is my land rover that I use in my daily life.
Digital ocean is my R6 that I use in the weekends.

2021-09-09 20:43:45

Guess who's back..

I have been away for a while since I was on a short trip. Now I'm back and hoping to send more posts from now on. Hope you guys are great also.

2021-09-08 19:09:14


Don't know why people keen on destroying something beneficial. Freenode was sold and now there is no one around.

2021-09-07 18:58:53

Good Morning

Such a perfect day,
Love you all <3

2021-04-22 11:12:10


There is only one app which is not working on mac and linux, and guess what it's microsoft product which is teams. I hate microsoft products vol 2342253

2021-03-16 14:22:51


If you have bitcoins, to give an order you may have to wait for 03:00 AM.
Well that's why I dont suggest this thing.

2021-03-12 02:08:41


I don't know who has decided about the rules but nowadays the ones afraid of justice are not criminals, unfortunately the ones afraid of justice are victims. I don't think this is justice.

2021-03-08 20:44:45


One of the most stupid series I have ever seen.
Would not recommend.

2021-03-06 01:11:31


My all time fav. tenor.
I think it's millions of times I've listened to his works.

2021-03-05 14:54:05

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