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2022.02.22 | 10:46

How many days to receive Sportident SIAC SI-Card?

If you are doing nature sports like orienteering, for the competitions you may need a SIAC / SI-Card. And unfortunately you may buy this device from sportident company based in Germany. So that's what I did, tried to buy the device online from the company's website. There is no option to buy and there is no way to see the price of the devices. I was able to contact the support team and get information about the prices and shipping. So I sent an email to support-team of sportident. A coup...
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2022.01.13 | 00:59


If you like Bocelli, you would probably like "Helmut Lotti". I don't know why but I would prefer Lotti over Bocelli. ...
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2022.01.11 | 00:23


People have two stages in their lives. First: I'm living in a small town and I want to live in a big city. Second: FUNK, Don't wanna live in here, Hopefully one day I'm gonna live in a small town. ...
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2021.12.24 | 01:26


Xiaomi mobile app for home can be the worst app ever made. Don't know if xiaomi techs do not even read the comments about the app. ...
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2021.12.15 | 15:15

PPK format of id_rsa

In case you need to need to use ppk format of id_rsa file. The command is simple on linux; puttygen id_rsa -o id_rsa.ppk ...
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2021.12.14 | 14:34

A google Android Bug

They say it's not easy to be a google engineer, there are many steps etc. Now for me it's confusing to see such a bug from google team; Press Settings > Reset > Factory Settings, reboots your phone, try to login with your google account, it will ask you to confirm that it's really you by notification bar. And here comes the bug; there is no notification bar! So that you can not confirm anything, as a result your account will be suspended for 24 hours to one week. Congrulations Android te...
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2021.11.11 | 19:07

Best to keep it here

ngrok alternatives ...
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2021.09.28 | 16:15


Dear youtubers, If I'm watching a video about a thermos, the most important information I need is about if the thermos is good for keeping my drink hot for a long period of time. why you guys are talking about a thermos for about half an hour and telling every non-sense detail and missing the most important point. ...
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2021.09.10 | 23:22


Trying to build a complex system on AWS, and guess what.. because of the poor documentation I'm getting stuck in every five mins. There are hundreds of sources out there and all of them are trash. :S ...
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2021.09.09 | 20:43


AWS is my land rover that I use in my daily life. Digital ocean is my R6 that I use in the weekends. ...
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